Privacy Policy

Who we are

FOOTYFY.COM is a news aggregator site. It is based on fetching data from several sources via the official RSS feed service provided by the source sites. All the content (including images) is fetched unmodified from the source sites. FOOTYFY.COM is not modifying any of the content coming from the RSS feeds and could not take responsibility for any inaccurate or misleading information.

Data collected by FOOTYFY.COM

Our web server logs the following information about all visitors: IP address, Operating System, Browser, Time of visit and Page views.

Data collected by third-party companies

FOOTYFY.COM relies on several third-party companies providing services such as DNS, Caching, Firewall, CDN, Analytics. Each of these companies may record your IP address in relation to the normal operation of their services.


FOOTYFY.COM, as well as some of our third-party companies, use cookies. If you do not agree, please do not visit FOOTYFY.COM or alternatively disable cookies directly from your web browser.


FOOTYFY.COM uses Google Analytics to report the number of visits, page views and the sources of traffic. If you don’t want your visit to be reported in Google Analytics, please follow

Data recorded by Google Analytics is kept for a period of 14 months.

How & why we use the collected data

The data collected helps us understand how our visitors are using the site. Analysing the collected data, can help us to improve the user experience and the content we provide.

We can also use the collected data to protect ourselves from attempted hacker attacks, as well as attempts to steal our content.

We keep a one-month archive of the data collected through our web server, after which all data logs are deleted automatically.

How we protect your personal data

First of all, we record a minimum amount of personal data – only those that are necessary to provide a better and more secure service. From the data considered as personal, we only record the IP address of our visitors for a short period of time.

Deletion of personal data

The personal data we record (IP address only) is automatically deleted every 30 days. If you would like all of your data to be deleted earlier, please contact us via our contact form and send us your IP address.